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  1. * iPhone users login issue *

  2. * Samsung Oreo issue (Android 8) *

  3. Add a contact

  4. Add a phone number

  5. Add a phone number to a contact

  6. Add an Audio Message Greeting for a contact

  7. Add an email address to a contact

  8. Allowing Access to Contacts.

  9. App Launch Security

  10. Block a phone numbers

  11. Block an email address

  12. Block or allow calls for a single contact

  13. Block or allow emails for a single contact

  14. Block or allow texts for a single contact

  15. Call didn't go through

  16. Call someone that is not in my contacts

  17. Calling with MASC

  18. Cancel my service

  19. Change Audio Message Greeting

  20. Change my MASC phone number

  21. Change my Security Pin

  22. Change password

  23. Change the icon picture for a contact

  24. Create a Profile Photo

  25. Create Audio Message Greeting

  26. Delete Hub entries

  27. Delete Thread entries

  28. Edit security settings

  29. Email someone that is not in my contacts

  30. How do I stop all MASC communications?

  31. How does calling work?

  32. How many phone numbers does MASC provide?

  33. I love MASC! How do I sign up?

  34. Invite Friends

  35. Let a person contact me even if I have system wide Do Not Disturb turned on

  36. MASC email setup and editing

  37. MASC Features

  38. MASC usage

  39. My MASC personal information

  40. Password recovery

  41. Payment plan information

  42. Refresh

  43. Remove a Blocked phone number

  44. Remove email address block

  45. Select Audio Message Greeting

  46. Sending a Text

  47. Set a contact as a favorite

  48. Sign out

  49. Take a picture in MASC

  50. Text someone that is not in my contacts

  51. Texts message delay

  52. Turn off Do Not Disturb for all of MASC

  53. Turn off MASCBOT

  54. Turn on and off Notifications for Email, Texts, and Voicemails

  55. Turn on Do Not Disturb for all of MASC

  56. Welcome to MASC

  57. What is my active phone number?

  58. What is my login?

  59. What is the MASC Hub?

  60. Where are MASC Phone number profiles?

  61. Where are MASC settings

  62. Where are my contact favorites?

  63. Where are my contacts?

  64. Where are my pictures stored in MASC

  65. Where are settings?

  66. Where is my MASC photo gallery?

  67. Wipe my MASC account but keep my phone numbers

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